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Small to medium sized businesses are increasingly making the decision to invest in cloud based services for a part or all of their IT needs.  AirPear provides many offerings that will help achieve goals moving to a cloud based system that meets standards for dependability, security, and performance.  Our expertise helps you achieve less ownership and overhead costs without ceding security or performance.


As wide-reaching as our services can be, keeping compliance with the customer’s goals and industry standards is what we strive for.  Unique circumstances can often put a project like this on hold, we maintain a thorough approach when identifying any potential issues like a special application.  These programs can be lifted to a cloud environment with as little interruption as possible.


  • Hosted and Cloud-based Email

  • SPAM Service

  • Microsoft 365 Provider

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Virtual Desktop

  • Physical and Cloud-Based Backups

  • Private Cloud

  • Server Management

  • Virtual Infrastructure

  • Remote Access


Cutting costs is key in today’s economic climate, and IT departments are often light on staff or non-existent even.  AirPear uses their many years of experience and continued learning to handle those pesky user issues that interrupt crucial working time.  We aim to strengthen in-place IT staff or provide an outlet for companies that lack an IT staff. 


We can work through different scenarios to…


Network design and integration – we’ve done it all.

Our experience in all things pertaining information and technology doesn’t mean we aren’t understanding of business needs.  AirPear strives to help save the customer money by advising with consideration of cost of ownership, return on investment, and an uptick in productivity.


Business owners and managers want a network that will keep them online and working reliably while remaining cost-efficient.  We aim to determine areas that could be improved and tasks that can be automated.  Converting older legacy systems to a more modern environment is often a roadblock with movement to the cloud.  This is something we have great experience handling.  A great deal of testing goes into any solution we propose and carry out, which helps the end product and resolve any potential issues before deployment.  AirPear can help businesses build a reliable cloud solution that would improve your connectivity.

Technology tailored for your business.

While every company is unique, we offer solutions that are agnostic to existing infrastructure meaning the cloud can be reached by basically any device that can gets internet access.  This flexibility allows us to make sure we get the right solution deployed to our clients.  Providing options and not pushing certain technology keeps our opinions and recommendations honest and genuine.  

Older systems need more attention.

In our experience in the field, the older, more out of date systems usually give the end user more headaches and time spent troubleshooting.  This can take away significant productive time away from the things that really matter. AirPear understands that there are benefits of applying modern technology to these solutions so these troubles aren’t affecting productivity. 


We take an in-depth review of needs, future projects, and equipment to find the best way to upgrade your system to a reliable solution.  Airpear keeps their clients working and informed through the whole process.  



We Monitor– 24 x 7 x 365 peace of mind for any business.


Network and performance monitoring is crucial to being proactive with maintaining and supporting any of our solutions.  These are like when a car’s dashboard lets the driver know the oil is low.  Addressing this before it becomes a major problem is something our monitoring techniques allow our clients avoid. 


The series of alerts and reports from the monitoring services can help your company by automating maintenance functions and alert both Airpear and your company of anything that needs attentions.  This means your company will be able to diagnose and resolve problems before anything critical arises.   The methods we deploy in the monitoring realm reduce our clients cost and help avoid any onsite visits. 


Airpear provides simply and complex 24x7 monitoring that allow for remote troubleshooting and management with clear action policy and guidelines.  We believe our monitoring solutions allow us to help every client as a proactive support provider.

Remote Network Monitoring

If a client’s server were to crash or the network falls offline, getting that resolved is our upmost priority.  No longer is it acceptable or affordable to be down for several hours or until the next day.  AirPear’s ability to remote onto the network remotely gives us the ability to resolve quickly and effectively.  We also will dispatch an onsite technician when something more than remote support is what is needed.


Our clients want to focus on their core competencies and business tasks without technology interruptions.  AirPear can contribute desktop support, network support, managed services, and remotely monitored services from our server farm to help meet your IT needs and goals.  There is a team of staffers at AirPear are all willing and able to make this a seamless transition while keeping your business goals in line with the IT environment.  Outsourcing IT services makes a lot of sense for small to medium sized businesses that still need IT support from a group of accomplished and certified It professionals.

Virtual IT Team

By signing up for a support plan we make it easier than ever for you to understand, budget, and manage your monthly IT requirements. Aside from many features, each plan includes expert level advisory services, training, consulting, break-fix and everything that a large company’s IT department would offer.





Download a QR Reader, scan your rack door and enter your pin to open.



Free remote boot, PDU's



Connect your rack to Vcloud, NetApp Cloud, and more





Cross connect directly to any carrier.
AirPear has a long track record of delivering 100% data center uptime for our customers.  AirPear data centers are engineered for mission critical data and are available as cabinets, cages, or in private data suites up to 5000 square foot.
Each AirPear data center provides redundant and scalable power circuits, carrier choice, seamless cloud connect, and a QR based security system.



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AirPear offers a flexible and tailored cloud computing solution to suit your exact needs. With servers stored locally in the Cincinnati area, we provide the unique opportunity to actually see where your data physically lives. We are currently hosting servers that are accessible anywhere with clients in different industries from New York to Los Angeles.


There are many safe guards in place to ensure you are free of worry. The established disaster recovery techniques AirPear uses will not only protect from any lost data, but it can be recovered in a short amount of time.  Along with this, AirPear provides a protected network, virus protection, and independent information among many other items to establish a sturdy line of end-to-end protection.

AirPear is positioned to offer a more customizable environment to cater to your exact needs. AirPear consultants understand how frustrating it can be to be stuck between pricing structures or the restrictions that the bigger services force customers to decide between. It is our goal to give the customer the service they are paying for. Whether it is replication of existing data, extension of your current network, or running a specific software, AirPear will work with you to provide you exactly what you are looking for.